It’s a pleasure to serve you!

Everyone is welcome. We serve Nationals and Foreigners who want to improve their quality of life through our specialized medical services.

We take care of your treatments so you can enjoy the wonders of Puerto Vallarta.

Schedule with us in 3 easy steps:


1. Travel itinerary

We have chair times from Monday to Saturday at different times for your convenience, choose the days and times you want to attend.


2. Requirements requested

We request some medical information regarding your hemodialysis treatments in order to prescribe them just as you normally have them in your dialysis unit. If you prefer, we can contact your medical team.


3. Center location

We are in Puerto Vallarta, 10 minutes from downtown and 15 minutes from the airport, you can reach Soundialys 15 minutes before your appointment, we will have everything ready for your treatment. We can also go for you; we have the Hotel-Clinic-Hotel transportation service.