Hemodialysis is the most common therapy to treat chronic kidney disease. Hemodialysis uses an “artificial kidney” called a dialyzer, and a machine, during treatment, part of your blood is led to the dialyzer through a system of sterile lines. The amount of blood that will be out of your body is the equivalent of 250-300 ml. An average adult has between 4 and 5 liters of blood in the body and can easily tolerate this small amount outside of their body.

Hemodialysis removes harmful toxins and unnecessary fluids, which helps control blood pressure and maintain the proper balance of chemicals in the body, such as potassium and sodium. One of the most important adjustments to make when starting hemodialysis treatment is following a strict schedule. Most patients go to a clinic (a dialysis unit) three times a week for 3 to 4 hours at each visit. For example, you can have a Monday, Wednesday, and Friday schedule or a Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday schedule.

Hemodialysis therapy allows people who receive it to lead a very normal life. Our main objective is to help improve the quality of life of the people we serve. We are at your service.

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We use supplies for hemodialysis of a single use and of the highest quality, which, together with high-tech equipment and specialized staff, provide a reliable and effective treatment.

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The specialists of Soundialys oversee carrying out your medical follow-up periodically, in order to prescribe for you, a personalized treatment to your needs.

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