We take QUALITY so seriously that we write it with capital letters. Our main objective is to help improve your quality of life and well-being while on dialysis, living a health experience while receiving care with us.

Feel Safe – Calm – Optimistic.

  • Qualified staff, who will also provide you with warm and friendly attention.
  • Dialysis rooms with limited capacity, minimizing the risks of contagion and infection.
  • High-tech German machines, unique in Puerto Vallarta.
  • Supplies for dialysis of the highest quality and for single use, making your treatment the most effective and safe possible.
  • Central hemodialysis grade water treatment that meets the international standards of the FDA, AAMI, and ISO.
  • Our dialysis rooms have wireless internet and TV’s.
  • Accessible facilities and comfortable, clean, and pleasant waiting areas.
  • Personalized Spanish – English service.
  • Shuttle service hotel – clinic – hotel.
  • We are in the paradise of Puerto Vallarta: ambulatory healthcare clinic, independent from any hospital.

Specialists and experienced in dialysis therapy!

Dialysis Therapy (Hemodialysis).

Starting dialysis is not the end, it is a new lifestyle.

  • Dialysis is the most common therapy to treat chronic kidney disease, that is, when the kidneys function less than 15%.
  • Other therapies to treat chronic kidney disease are peritoneal dialysis and kidney transplantation. Your doctor can explain which is the most appropriate for you.
  • The nephrology specialist (Nephrologist) is the one who diagnoses and treats kidney disease from its early stages.
  • The main causes of chronic kidney disease are diabetes and high blood pressure, followed by autoimmune diseases.
  • Kidney disease cannot be cured, however, by complying with the 3 main pillars: treatments, diet, and medications, you can lead a long life that is as close to normality.
  • Dialysis uses an artificial kidney, also called a dialyzer, and a machine. In this way they filter the blood of the body, removing unnecessary fluids and harmful wastes.
  • For performing dialysis, you need an access in your body, which can be a catheter or a fistula.
  • Dialysis, to be effective and replace the functions of the kidneys, must be performed 2 to 3 times a week, for 3 to 4 hours, either in a dialysis center or a hospital.
  • There is no substitute as effective as our own kidneys, which is why it is important to complement dialysis therapy with a correct diet and some medications.
  • Dialysis is not complicated, rely on your medical team, they will help you improve your health and well-being.
  • We do not know exactly how long someone on dialysis will live, but with current medical guidelines, many patients can even live as many years as without the disease.
  • Thanks to dialysis therapy, people who receive it can lead a very normal life and do the activities they like, such as travel.

Feel Safe

Dialysis is not complicated at all and does not hurt.

Feel Calm

Dialysis is not the end; it is a new lifestyle.

Feel Optimistic

Dialysis will allow you to lead a normal life.