At Soundialys we have always tried to provide you with a safe space and in a pleasant environment to take care of your health, now, due to the COVID-19 outbreak around the world, our commitment remains the same and, therefore, our challenge is greater. We know that our patients belong to one of the most vulnerable groups to the complications of this disease, therefore, we have designed the following security protocols in accordance with international standards, which we will ask for your help to comply with during your stay with us, we appreciate your understanding and remember that the benefit is for everyone.

Main guidelines for a safe stay.



  • Always use of the mask. Correct use covering nose and mouth.
  • Hand disinfection upon entry and as you pass through the different areas of Soundialys.
  • Take a forehead temperature at your entrance to Soundialys.
  • Limited income for vulnerable groups as companions (children under 12 years old, older adults and pregnant women).
  • Admission and stay in Soundialys with a maximum of one companion per patient.
  • Patients with marked symptoms or positive for COVID-19, even though they are asymptomatic, cannot be treated at Soundialys. We will gladly inform you of the centers available for your correct attention.

Constant disinfection.



Disinfecting your hands, along with the use of a mask, are the two main ways to minimize the risk of infection. At Soundialys we will provide you with disinfectant for your hands when entering our facilities, as well as in the different areas where you are. The products we use are certified.

Likewise, the disinfection periods in our areas are shorter, mainly in medical areas such as offices, treatment rooms and procedure rooms.


Taking temperature.



Upon entering Soundialys, we will take your temperature, if your body temperature is higher than 37.5 °C (99.5 °F), someone from our medical staff will ask you some questions, since fever is a symptom of various diseases, not just COVID-19. For your and everyone’s safety, your temperature will be taken on your forehead, feel calm, the thermometer we use does not emit radiation and is totally harmless to your physical integrity.


Entry of children and older adults as companions.



Entry to Soundialys as companions of a patient will be limited to older adults and children under 12 years. In the case that they are the patients, admission will be allowed. Older adults because they are considered a vulnerable group to complications from COVID-19 and children because they can be asymptomatic carriers.


Entry of pregnant women as companions.



Entry to Soundialys as companions of a patient will be limited to pregnant women. In the case of them being the patients, admission will be allowed. Pregnant women are considered a vulnerable group to complications from COVID-19.


Patients traveling to Puerto Vallarta.



Visitors are welcome to Soundialys, vacations or business trips are not prohibited if security protocols are observed. Contact us and we will indicate the necessary requirements to be able to provide you with a safe and quality health service. Puerto Vallarta is open to visitors, for more information you can consult the following link:


Beware of misinformation or fake news, we recommend that you consult only official sources.