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In 2015, a group of young entrepreneurs decided to join visionaries and experience, effort and enthusiasm to create Soundialys®, a company that provides comprehensive health services. The goal is to make a clear difference in the treatment of patients with Kidney and Urological Diseases, while also considering the accompanying family members in this process.
We are in love with Mexico and our commitment is to promote a better quality of life for future generations.
At Soundialys® we understand that these special treatments result in wearing you down emotionally, psychologically and economically. We seek to reduce this burden, to serve our patients with quality services, bilingual service, warm hospitality and respect. As well as for the families who are guides and companions in the process.
At Soundialys® we know that when it comes to the subject of health, quality lives and is experienced with all 5 senses.

The services we offer are: warm, dignified, secure. While respecting different: cultures, religions, languages and customs. Continually providing: high quality services, pleasant, clean, and bright spaces.